The Productivity of Boredom

hope things are going well for you, Alexander
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Alexander Jay Pereira

A few years ago, I was a common criminal. At the time I was commuting 3-4 hours per day using public transportation. With all the time in the world to kill, it became an optimum opportunity to binge watch television shows and blow through movies. I devoured an obscene amount of media in those days.

Problem was, I did not ‘technically’ own all of the content I was watching ‘legally’. I used to justify my thievery because I had rules. I would only pirate movies and TV shows that I already had the capability of watching in other methods. Netflix, DVDs, various other streaming services that I had paid into but at the time did not allow offline viewing on a train.

So, the first year or two of my commute, I quietly downloaded media. I watched it once, then promptly deleted it as if my self restraint made it…

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