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Living With Head (Brain) Injury
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Just trying to sort out my messages, together with links in my many (+- 150) email folders (Mozilla Thunderbird, btw)
and get the jumble/muddle a bit more in order. I may perhaps turn into a short book. So here’s a first (small step)
enjoy anyway
“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a flat tyre and a broken fan-belt… er sorry, a single step!”


“People speak glibly about life changing moments. Some truly qualify. You propose marriage and are accepted. You hear, ‘You’re hired’ or ‘You’re fired’ and your future shifts instantly. The doctor says ‘malignant’ (or something else life-changing) and everything is different. But anyone who has ever lived through it will tell you: It is profoundly shattering to learn, in one instant, that everything you thought was true about a loved one (my words: or…

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The girl who came back from the dead: ‘Nothing short of a miracle’

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI

A week before Christmas Hollie Snell’s mum and dad got the phone call all parents dread. Their 16-year-old daughter had been in a car crash. She had been travelling home to Te Puke with her partner Keani ..
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My/our story is a bit different!

Sharing some Information and Thoughts on Head and Brain Injury


Yes, because we look “normal”, people can’t understand. * m (“the nurse” often said that of all my writings the ones in this area could be most uplifting and inspirational to others. My/our story is a bit different, rather ‘crazy’ – ‘unique’ m says….and she’s always right (I checked on the net…and ‘yes”, seems to be correct!). from

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“Sharing, supporting, informing, enlightening, “entertaining”(??), encouraging, empowering, enriching, challenging, igniting, uplifting (and perhaps even) inspiring”
enough there for now, c!
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makororifirst-light151-1dawn-best21Share, encourage, uplift, inspire and help spread HOPE, LOVE and LIGHT
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“It’s amazing what can be achieved, if you have no idea of your difficulties, problems and limitations…until …”

Living with Head/Brain Injury (TBI)

“It’s amazing what can be achieved, if you have no idea of your difficulties, problems and limitations…until your entire world comes crashing down around you.”
Humpty Dumpty.jpg

“For so many years I never had any idea of how profound my difficulties were in managing the activities of daily living…
until , “out of the blue” my/our entire lives fell apart and our world was “turned on its head”
…because I had so many angels helping me!
see my post from BMW to BMX (and/or from financial “executive” to a life on welfare


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and by that I mean God (far more than Google)… but then perhaps I should thank both!…5524.7820..10235…0.0..0.231.1109.2-5……0….1..gws-wiz…….35i39.TDjRMOGQtMY

“Knowledge is the gateway to understanding…and understanding is the gateway to a better life.”

– Jeff Sebell


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“For it is the dawn that has come…”

The Lord is my shepherd (Psalm 23:4)

Seeing through a cloud

Living with Head (Brain) Injury

CLOUD sitting-on-a-cloud

Shared by “totally unmusical” c

“Information and Inspiration Distributer, Incorrigible Encourager and People-builder” *
* not bridges (thank goodness)!
Well my family and friends say I’m “safest” just writing and sharing
“Driven to share, uplift, encourage and (perhaps even) inspire”
dawn-best21Share, encourage, uplift, inspire and help spread HOPE, LOVE and LIGHT

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